Artikelen door artsen die tegen het gebruik
van de zoetstof aspartaam zijn

Steeds meer artsen (in Amerika) erkennen de waarheid, passen dit toe bij hun evaluaties, adviseren hun patiŽnten de 60-dagen-geen-aspartaam-test... en zien dat hun patiŽnten beter worden.

Hieronder volgen de verklaringen, afgelegd door artsen op verschillende momenten, betreffende verschillende aspecten van aspartaam vergiftiging.

Ieder arts die zijn ervaringen aan deze pagina wil toevoegen is van harte welkom.

  • Various comments/info: Doctors Roberts, Raiford, Elsas, Blaylock, Monte, Bowen, Olney, and FDA toxicologist Dr. Gross (deceased).
Dr. Barclay

Dr. Barua

Dr. Blaylock

  • Excitotoxicity in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Hypothalamus 10 Aug 2000 article on Aspartame, MSG and other Excitotoxins and the Hypothalamus.
  • Toxins Journal article in Medical Sentinel on excitotoxins.
  • Special 09/99 Dr. Blaylock on aspartame, MSG and toxicity.
  • Lancet 08/99 Dr. Blaylock responds to Lancet Forum on aspartame.
  • Lupus/MS 02/10 Dr. Blaylock to Mr. Porte of Minneapolis Neuropathy Assn.
  • Brain Problems 12/98 Dr. Blaylock on excitotoxins (msg, aspartame, etc.).
  • MS-Lupus 12/98 Dr. Blaylock on excitotoxins (msg, aspartame, etc.).
  • Aviation Dr. Blaylock's position paper on aspartame and pilots.
  • Interview TEXT Transcript of the Dr. Blaylock Mission Possible Interview.
Dr. Bowen

  • Overview Billions of victims of aspartame disease
  • Lyme Disease - Lyme Disease Is Sexually Transmitted
  • Steato Hepatitis - Fat in the hepatocyte (liver cell)
  • Sperm wars - The waning energies of human sperm
  • Labeling - Labeling
  • Babble - Dr. Spiers and pro-aspartame techno-babble.
  • Genocide - Aspartame-induced genocide
  • Hypothalamus - Aspartame damages the hypothalamus
  • Metanol - The Aspartame methanol issue revisited for the non-scientist
Dr. Sandra Cabot

  • Getting FAT Wanna get FAT? Dr. Cabot says that Nutrasweet is where it's at!
  • The liver And detoxification
  • Detox How to DETOX from aspartame poisoning
Dr. Miles E. Drake

  • Panic Dr. Miles E. Drake and panic attacks
Dr. Elsas

  • Fetal Dr. Elsas on placenta and blood-brain-barrier relating to fetal devlopment
  • Testimony Dr. Elsas congressional testimony November 3, 1987
Dr. Arthur D. Forman

  • Diet soda Aspartame Might Be More Sour Than Sweet
Dr. Hays

  • Headaches Dr. James B. Hays, M.D. on headaches
Dr. Hulse

Dr. Christine Lydon

  • Article Comprehensive 1999 overview of aspartame (published in Oxygen magazine).
Dr. Woodrow C. Monte

  • Methanol Detailed 1984 study: ASPARTAME: METHANOL AND THE PUBLIC HEALTH
Dr. Mercola

  • Articles covering aspartame, cow's milk and dairy
Dr. Bill Misner

  • Toxicity Aspartame Toxicity: Observed Side-Effects from Food & Drink
Dr. Olney
(Who IS Dr. Olney?)
  • Brain Tumors Original article and updates (Coverage by Betty Martini)
  • Brain Tumors Exchange between Betty Martini and Dr. Fink of MIT
Dr. Madelon Price

  • Infertility Comments by Dr. Madelon Price
  • Samo-samo Aspartame/Neotame same toxic soup
  • Aspartate Aspartaic acid as a neurotoxin... and memory problems
Dr. Morgan Raiford

  • Vision Dr. Morgan Raiford on aspartame and vision problems
  • Methanol Dr. Morgan Raiford on methanol toxicity and vision problems
Doctor H. J. Roberts
(Who IS Dr. Roberts?)
  • Addiction Aspartame and Addiction
  • Headaches Aspartame and headaches
  • Blindness Chicago Sun-Times article, October 17, 1986
  • Blindness What's Blinding the World (1998)
  • Brain Cancer Journal of Advancement in Medicine Volume 4, Number 4,(1991)
  • Diabetes Recommendation that diabetics refrain from using aspartame
  • Eyes "Avoid aspartame when no specific cause can be found for eye problems"
  • Joint Pain Joint pain associated with aspartame use
  • Various Reply to Doctor Bleck on methanol, Multiple Sclerosis, and trends
  • Ms or Aspartame Multiple Sclerosis or Aspartame Disease?
  • Pregnancy Dangerous to the Fetus, too!
  • Saccharin Comments on this substance as a cancer causing agent.
  • CardiacAspartame and Cardiac Symptoms.
Dr. Richard J. Sabates

  • Dr. Sabates learned of aspartame disease... and got well!
Dr. Charles Schwartz

  • Rebuttal To Nutrasweet
  • Cancers Nutrasweet and Breast and other Cancers
  • Cancers Western Journal of Medicine article on cancers
Dr. Peter A. Simkin

  • Joint Pain a section in the Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases
Dr. M. Jacqueline Verrett Ph.D

  • Testimony before congress: November 3, l987
Dr. Ralph Walton

Julian Whitaker, M.D.

  • Stevia Book Burning.
  • Aspartame Excellent newsletter article (March 2000).
George M. Wolverton, M.D. (1997)

Drs. Wurtman, Maher and Spiers
(Was ooit tegen aspartaam)
Grace Wyshak, PhD

  • Coke Carbonated Beverage Consumption, and Bone Fractures

The Lancet

  • Lancet Editorial: Drug-company influence on medical education in USA

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